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How to set up remote recruitment––the right way

Many of us are getting to grips with the nuances of working from home: building new daily routines, delegating tasks and keeping on top of communications while out of the office are just a few of the things keeping us up at night.

The coronavirus pandemic has forced people across the UK to work from home, with more than half of the people living in London (57.2%) trialling remote work as a result.

Remote working can take its toll on the most established teams. Without an office environment, team members are prone to feeling isolated, unorganised and out of the loop. Yet, amongst the many work from home problems we’re facing is the prospect of hiring new team members.

How can you add individuals to the mix without sinking the whole ship? In this blog, we take you through the process of remote recruitment so you can hire from afar with confidence.

Become a video interview pro

We all know the biggest hiring hitch is making an inaccurate assessment at interview stage. Experienced interviewers keep an eagle eye on everything from body language to candidate and company culture compatibility. That said, any vetting process is made harder through a screen. Even seasoned interviewers will need to adjust the types of questions they ask and tighten up CV screening to get a clear steer on a character. Adopting a skills assessment approach can also help to shine a light on a candidate’s capabilities.

Be realistic

Now isn’t the time to act as an intimidating figure of authority. Although you may want to apply a light amount of pressure on your potential new employee, you’ll also need to be able to empathise with their situation. We’re all navigating new ways of working so, if dogs or toddlers barge in mid-conversation, make light of it! Being lenient in this respect allows the other person to remain relaxed, resulting in you both getting more out of the meeting.

Set clear expectations

When hiring for remote roles, make it clear how the job will be structured, what you’ll expect of candidates and how workloads will be managed. The more information you give upfront, the less confusion you’ll encounter later. Once a remote team member is welcomed into the team, there’s often less opportunity for casual conversation. Where a team member once may have asked job-defining questions during their induction, they may now hold their tongue for fear that their query doesn’t seem important enough to take the time to type. So, be clear now and give your employee the best platform for success.

Prioritise wellbeing

You’ll need to make a conscious effort to keep an eye on inexperienced employees in the remote world –– and that includes checking in on their wellbeing, not just their performance. Nerves are normal when starting a new job, but if this feeling tips into isolation, doubt and eventually disengagement, both you and your team member are in trouble. Make sure to ask direct questions about mood and advertise an open-door policy. For busier managers, a buddy system is a great way to ensure new starters get the social interaction and support they crave.

Keep connected

As watercooler chats become a thing of the past, you’ll need to focus on opening up new lines of communication. Using multiple ways to talk helps your entire team to stay connected. Introduce professional platforms like video conferencing and e-mail, as well as more informal areas for discussion. Instant messaging platforms can allow groups to build a bond that will better their work.

Rising to the challenge of remote recruitment is about learning to be laid back as a boss while working on your communication’s clarity. You’ll need to be crystal clear when giving instructions and comfortable with not sweating the small stuff.

Sound like a tough transition? We’re here to help. Recruitment agencies reduce your workload by shortlisting the most suitable candidates. We can’t promise that your interview won’t be interrupted by a bad WiFi signal or the sound of someone’s doorbell. Yet, we guarantee to find you the best talent for your business––and fast. Contact us to speak to one of our expert recruiters immediately.

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