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How to deal with job rejection

Job rejection can be hard to deal with, but it can be an essential part of your professional growth.

Our five tips will help you to embrace failure and learn how to turn it into a positive.

1. Ask for feedback

Never be afraid to ask for feedback following a job rejection.

Understanding why you didn't succeed on this occasion will help you to iron out any weaknesses in your approach, fix any missteps and continue to develop professionally.

2. Don't take it personally

A critical element in the recruitment process is team fit. So, if you're not the successful candidate chosen for a role, it may simply be down to existing team dynamics and personalities.

Taking a rejection personally will damage your confidence and self-esteem, while understanding it isn't personal will help you dust yourself off, develop a thicker skin and continue in your career journey with self-assurance.

3. Trust in your abilities

Being rejected can make you question your abilities and force the dreaded Imposter Syndrome to rear its head.

Instead, stay positive and trust that the right opportunity will come if you keep working at it.

Search for jobs that align with your strengths, passions and goals and your suitability will shine through.

4. Try something different

If rejection keeps occuring, try a fresh approach to job-hunting and the interview process.

Update your CV, practise mock interviews with a friend and adopt a more conversational style, rather than a Q&A format, in your interviews.

Crucially, assess what your career goals are to enable you to find the right path.

5. Embrace and own failure

Nobody succeeds without experiencing failure at some point.

Learn to own your failures and take valuable lessons from them. Seeing a fallure as the start of a new chapter, rather than the end of a hoped-for one, will reposition your mindset.

Top tip - check out How To Fail With Elizabeth Day, a podcast that celebrates failure and discusses ways of learning from it for future growth, enlightenment and happiness.

Get your career on the right track

If you're experiencing constant failures in your job search, speaking to a professional recruiter can help you to set our your goals and find the right opportunities for you.

Our inbox is always open and we're a phone call away from helping you turn rejection into success by identifying the perfect role for you.

Contact the Lupa Recruitment team by calling 0151 665 0380.

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