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Dos and don’ts of dressing for a virtual interview

With a whole new way of hiring comes a new form of etiquette. We’re all wondering what to say, do and wear as we continue to work from home.

Virtual interviews are casual enough to be held in your home environment and yet serious enough to dictate whether you’ll land your dream role. So, how should you dress to impress for a Skype or Zoom interview? Use these top tips to help plan your online interview outfits accordingly.

DON’T let your interview outfit overwhelm you

We have to start with a short and simple disclaimer: don’t take this topic too seriously. While appearance can go a long way in making a good first impression, it won’t be the number one priority on your interviewer’s mind. By all means, put some thought into your outfit –– but not at the expense of your performance. Don’t forget to brush up on your knowledge, practise commonly asked questions and carry out company research.

DON’T assume your bottom half will always be hidden

We hear you. Joggers, loungewear, yoga pants and well, just your pants are all tempting options for a video call. We can’t say that we haven’t ever slipped into something comfy while working from home. However, interview attire should be worn head-to-toe. Why? An interviewer could request information from a document or proof of ID that’s at the other end of your lounge. Before long, your tea-stained, cartoon character pyjamas will –– embarrassingly and reluctantly –– enter the chat. Plus, going the whole hog when dressing for an interview often helps candidates get into a can-do mindset.

DON’T dress in loud colours or patterns

Even if abstract shirts are a signature staple in your wardrobe, we suggest opting for more muted garments that create clean lines. After all, you don’t want your shirt to be doing all the talking for you. Mood-boosting colours and fun accessories are a great substitute for those with a more vibrant workwear style.

DO pay attention to your overall “interview appearance”

It’s always wise to preview your appearance using your computer’s camera before the interview begins. How does your interview outfit look in situ? Does the colour of your shirt clash with your wallpaper? Is the frame cluttered with personal possessions? Or, is it bare showing nothing but yourself and a white wall? Set yourself up for success and make your surroundings inviting.

DO mimic in-person interview attire

The rules of interview attire haven’t been completely rewritten. In fact, what you would wear to a regular meeting might fit the bill at home. You’ll likely have an already suitable ensemble in your wardrobe with colours and silhouettes that complement you.

DO consider the industry and organisation

Most importantly, you’ll need to dress in keeping with your chosen industry and organisation. A legal interview calls for more conservative dress, while a meeting with a startup encourages you to show your quirky style. When in doubt, check the company’s dress policy for a full list of tailored rules on what to wear.

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