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6 ways to prevent stress in your business

Have you experienced workplace stress, or seen it happen in your business?

The major causes of stress at work are:

⏳ Long hours

⏳ Heavy workloads

⏳ Strict deadlines

⏳ Job insecurity

Therefore, here are our six tips to help you avoid stress in your business.

1. Help employees manage their workload

Often, workplace stress is caused by people feeling overwhelmed by a long list of tasks they'll never complete.

Help your team or employees avoid stress by working together to prioritise tasks into daily, weekly and monthly deadlines to break workloads down into manageable chunks.

2. Encourage regular breaks

Taking regular breaks is key to managing stress levels.

Encourage your employees to set alarms to take short breaks every two hours to recharge their batteries and nurture their mental health.

Pro tip: Netflix has eradicated standard 9-5 working hours and allows staff to take "mental breaks" whenever they need to.

3. Educate your employees

Being aware of stress triggers can help individuals to manage their own mental health more effectively.

Hold regular events to educate your employees on how to prevent and manage stress, inviting experts in to talk to them and offering free services like counselling if your budget allows.

4. Talk openly

Talking openly about your own mental health and how you manage it is a great way to lead by example when it comes to stress management.

Pro tip: Prudential Finance encourages managers to discuss their mental health challenges via video clips which are shared with all employees.

5. Prioritise movement

Physical activity is a vital element in keeping you and your team mentally well.

Not every company can afford to subsidise gym memberships and convert spare offices into HIIT studios, but it costs nothing to organise lunchtime walks, after-work running clubs and desk yoga sessions (yes, that's a thing!).

6. Create a culture of openness and recognition

Job insecurity is a major cause of stress in the workplace.

Creating a culture of openness helps your team understand what the future holds for them and the business.

Equally, recognising and rewarding good work makes staff feel valued and appreciated.

Focus on preventing stress in your business

Have you implemented any measures like this to avoid stress among your employees?

As always, we're here to support all of our clients, candidates and colleagues to look after their own physical and mental health. If you wish to discuss any of the ideas covered here, feel free to get in touch with the team at Lupa Recruitment by calling us on 0151 665 0380 or emailing

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