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5 virtual interview tips

Virtual interviews are rising in popularity as most of us continue to work, hire and fire from home. And, likely, they won’t go out of fashion any time soon, considering they’re a quick and cost-effective solution for vetting various candidates. So, how can you translate your skills, experience and personality across the screen?

In this blog, we cover everything you need to know to make a lasting impression outside the office.

Look the part

On a conference call, there’s more to think about than which tie is the best match for your suit shirt. Virtual interviews are on mutual turf, meaning there will be more than your outfit on show. You’ll need to take note of your surroundings. Ask yourself: does my background appear professional? Is it well-lit? Is it tidy? A few last-minute adjustments such as flipping the switch on a lamp can be all it takes to make an illuminating first impression.

Switch off notifications

Nothing is more off-putting than the constant pinging of your friend’s WhatsApp group while you’re attempting to answer a question. Unlike a regular interview, there may be more than just your mobile phone to silence. Everything from laptops, tablets, dog toys, kitchen timers and house alarms can jar a conversation. So, take a few moments to soundproof your space.

Practise positive body language

Since you’ll only be visible from the waist up, you’ll want to be extra aware of how you’re coming across to the person on the other end of the screen. Notice yourself slumping in your chair? Unfolding your arms, relaxing your facial expression and straightening your spine will go a long way to making the other person feel more positive about your position. Fidgeting in your seat, however, could cause your interviewer to question your confidence. Even worse, staring into space could send signals that you’re bored.

Be prepared

If you can be anything in a virtual interview, be prepared. Get organised by researching the company, reading up on the role and letting others who live in the house know when you’re attending. That said, your interviewer will understand if your child happens to wander in mid-sentence asking for snacks. We’re all experiencing our own work-from-home surprises. If this happens, don’t panic. Use the event to show your potential future boss how cool you can be when put under pressure.

Ask questions

The end of a virtual interview can be abrupt if you’re not careful. There’s no opportunity to shake hands, tour the office or make small-talk on your way to the exit. End your interview on a positive note by reading from a list of prepared questions. This conclusion will show your interest and enthusiasm for the role. Plus, it never hurts to apply a little pressure to the other side of the hiring table. Queries about responsibilities, pay, company culture and staff perks are all suitable. Whatever you ask, make sure that it’s genuine and doesn’t require an all-too-obvious answer.

If you know how to handle a virtual interview, they can work in your favour. There’s no more fighting with the sat nav or scrambling for convenience snacks seconds before your appointment. Instead, you can rest easy in a familiar environment and collect your thoughts before your interview begins.

Feeling confident about crushing your next virtual interview? Browse our latest vacancies, available across a variety of sectors.

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