Why use a recruiter to find a job?

Job searchers –– listen up! Recruitment companies are your friends. We’re here to help you find a dream role that matches your career goals, experience and personality.

Why? Well, recruitment companies earn a small commission for every successful hire. So, it’s in our best interest to pair you with the best job for your profile. We’re the matchmakers of the professional world, partnering like-minded employers and employees. If anything, using a specialist recruitment company is like having a black book of business contacts and a team of interview experts at your disposal. Why wouldn’t you?

In case you’re not already sold, we’ve listed five reasons why candidates should use a recruitment service to find a job rather than go it solo.

It’s free

We’ll help you find exciting opportunities, prep you for success and we won’t charge you a penny in the process. Recruiters get paid by businesses, so it costs nothing for candidates to use.

Using a recruitment company is a win-win service. If you land a dream role, your job hunt will be over. Yet, if you don’t get lucky, you’re no worse off than when you started.

Handpicked companies

It’s our job to spot the snakes in the grass, otherwise known as employers not worth endorsing. We steer away from firms that pay peanuts, cross ethical boundaries and fail to follow industry best practice.

Instead, our partner companies are amongst some of the best employers, with the best workspaces. Think of us an added layer of protection when securing your next role.

Interview support

Are you puzzled by the latest piece of interview feedback you received? Nervous about stepping into a senior role? Tongue-tied when it comes to industry terminology? We can help you figure it out before your interview begins. Expert recruiters will help you to iron out any creases, as well as giving you exclusive intel on the company you’ll be meeting.

We offer honest, impartial advice to help you make the best first impression.

Find the right fit

Recruitment agencies are often organised by industry, so you’ll work with a recruiter that’s familiar with your niche.

We won’t look bamboozled when you describe your career path or blank when you mention big names in your arena. Rather, industry-specific recruiters will often have an inkling about which firm will be the right fit for you at the end of an initial consultation.

Salary negotiation

We all hate the part of an interview where the talk turns to pay. Go too low, and your opportunity for a pay rise might be a thing of the past. Go too high, and you run the risk of alienating your potential employer or losing the offer altogether.

Lucky thing that recruitment experts can handle salary negotiation for you. We’ll negotiate the best rate of pay based on your skills and experience to save you the awkward encounter.

Boss your interview for a dream role at a top-tier firm and get a pay rise in the process. You can do all of this for free, with the help of a recruiter.

Register with Lupa Recruitment and be the first to know about any new vacancies that match your profile.

Can’t wait? Get in touch with us directly to speak to an expert recruiter immediately.

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