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4 ways to improve your employees’ remote onboarding experience

It’s time to revolutionise recruitment –– and that includes your induction process. In the age of remote work, new team members will need to familiarise themselves with Slack and video calls, rather than a new office cubicle or the couch in the company staff room. While you can scratch the office tour from your list, there are plenty of other ways to introduce your newest employees to your world of work.

If you’re new to remote onboarding, we’re here to help. Here are four transformative tips that will smooth out the process of settling in new team members.

Online training

Internal training equips inexperienced employees with all the tools they need to slot into an established team. So, don’t neglect this area of onboarding because face-to-face teaching is off the menu.

Building a robust online training system will benefit every new starter your company hires. Its creation can feel like a mammoth job for managers––but once done, you’ll be glad to reap its rewards.

If you want to go the extra mile, recording explanation videos will give your virtual employees a two-for-one; the chance to learn something new while seeing a friendly face.

Clear instructions

Clarity is the name of the game when it comes to remote work, and it’s no different during onboarding. It’s important to be prescriptive about company policies and procedures, without coming off as pushy.

Drafting an employee handbook is one of the best ways to display this information as employees can refer to it at any place or time. The digital document can include everything from technology how-tos and rules on internal communication.

Having a resource to rely on will give employees the confidence they need to carry out tasks independently.

Establish regular meet-ups

When a virtual employee enters the ring, it’s time to step up your social calendar. Remote employees miss out on the impromptu coffee dates and casual conversations that help us to get to know our colleagues. This lack of interaction can impact a team’s performance, ability to collaborate and connect.

So, give them some social substitutes. Virtual work drinks, quizzes and online events can restore team spirit and act as a platform for people to showcase their personality.

Set short and long-term goals

Feel like your concept of time and space is off-kilter since working from home? Your employees no doubt feel this way too. New team members need achievable milestones to help them manage motivation, performance and pace. A future-focused employee is less likely to experience feelings of isolation or disconnect in the first few months of a role. Plus, well-defined plans are apt for appraisal meetings and setting expectations.

Looking for new employees? We can help you find them. Lupa Recruitment is a tried-and-tested health and social care recruitment agency that can solve all of your staffing needs. From sourcing short-term staff to shortlisting senior management, we can find the ideal candidates for your company. Contact a member of our expert team to find out more.

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